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Here at 98CentGas, we're dedicated to helping you keep more money in your pocket.

What is 98CentGas?


Save 98 cents per gallon

98CentGas is the world's first online gas station. It's a unique technology that'll save you 98 cents for every gallon you purchase, so that you have more money for your life.


You might be thinking... "What? This doesn't mathematically make sense."


Well, it is possible. It’s being developed and almost here! The technology is multidimensional, complex and designed to create income streams on the back-end to cover any potential loss and even help boost not only personal consumer profit, but also global economic profit.

98CentGas has found a way to enhance the way we purchase our gas, specifically designed to make life easier and more affordable for the consumer.

Imagine having access to a technology that saves you 98 cents for every gallon you purchase. What can that extra income do for YOUR life?

Watch our video to learn more about 98CentGas!

***The app seen in the video is NOT the official 98CentGas app, the examples shown were of the early stage prototype version. When we launch, a fully updated version of the app will be released to the public & will be compatible with both iOS and Android devices.*** 

How would 98CentGas make your life easier?

"It'll give us freedom to not worry about how far we can drive."

"It'll provide more money for us to travel more so we're not as tethered to our homes."

"This will give people more money and really help our economy."

"This would be perfect for my son. I could send this to him so he can get his gas cheaper."

"As a single mom this will help so much. The savings would allow me to do more things with my kids."

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