Edward Pulley


Meet Edward Pulley, the President/CEO of 98CentGas. Mr.Pulley is a father to 4 kids, and is happily married to his wife Lisa. Growing up, he never had a life of privilege. With his parents having no more than a 3rd grade education, Edward didn't learn how to read until he was 20 years old. Coming from the poorest neighborhoods in the South, he always knew there was a better way. By age 21 Edward had taught himself how to read, pulled himself out of poverty, and was working as a highly successful car salesman. 

Mr.Pulley's entrepreneurial spirit started at a young age, by age 19 he owned his own home detailing company. Edward continued down the path of entrepreneurship and is currently the President/CEO of Phoenix Professional Services; a highly reputable private investigations company located in Arizona. Throughout life, his values of integrity & perseverance have held strong as he continues to help others in any way he can, all while working 3 jobs to support his wife, daughter, & pets.

Edward started 98CentGas back in 2006. After 12+ years of never giving up on his dream, 98CentGas is finally here. With your help, we can create something that everyone said was impossible & change the world.

The Story of 98CentGas


How it all began

In 2005, gas prices were out of control. Our lives were governed by high gas costs that affected our families, businesses and personal freedom. During that year, my gas expense was $1400 dollars a month. It was a huge chunk out of my budget I wasn’t prepared for. 

The impact of high gas prices

I began to realize that transportation both added to, and limited our lives. Think about it; every time you get into your car, you look at the gas gauge to see if you have enough to get there. Without gas, life becomes limited. I began thinking, what if we could solve the ongoing problem of having no control over gas prices?!

So I started looking for a better way

It was 2006, I began searching for a solution to lower gas prices. Unmanageable gas prices are the effects of national disasters, mechanical problems or economic recessions, all things that we as consumers have no control over. I gained a strong desire to create a technology that could do the impossible; give everyday people the ability to control how much they pay for gas. 

We Believe In



In trust, honesty, and open mindedness to limitless achievement. 

Outside The Box Thinking


At 98CentGas we firmly believe that if you can dream it, you can do it. Free thinking is both encouraged and welcomed.

Changing The World


By creating a community of care and support, all while staying true to the vision of helping people.

Our Mission


98CentGas Mission

Our mission is to empower the everyday consumer, by giving them the ability to save 98 cents off every gallon of gas they purchase. Not only giving the consumer more financial choice, but also more financial freedom.


98CentGas Vision

Our vision is to make an impact on social change by providing a technology that lowers gas prices in ways never thought possible.  98CentGas symbolizes empowerment, freedom, and a common goal to help everyday people overcome the burden of high gas costs.  

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