98CentGas - FAQ


"How does this work?"

98CentGas is a membership based program. When you become a member, you receive your 98CentGas card in the mail and it works just the same as any other credit/debit card you already use. You then purchase your gas on 98CentGas.com or on our mobile app, and it's immediately loaded to your card and ready to use! Just pull up at the pump & pay for your gas using your 98CentGas card.

"How am I able to save 98 cents per gallon?"

By purchasing your gas through either the 98CentGas website or mobile app, we automatically deduct 98 cents off of whatever the current gas price is. Think of us as the middleman of the gas industry. By being a 98CentGas member, you’re then able to purchase your gas at a discounted rate of 98 cents off per gallon. 

"What gas stations can I use it at?"

After the official launch, 98CentGas will be fully integrated and available for use at every major gas station worldwide.

"How much does it cost to be a member?"

Our membership program is still in development so no specific details on membership fees are available at this time. However, the way our membership program is being structured is; people looking to join 98CentGas would choose from a series of membership plans based off their personal needs and driving habits. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive progress updates and be notified when we officially launch!


"When will 98CentGas be available to use?"

We want to save 98 cents per gallon just as bad as you do, however due to the advanced multidimensional technology used to operate 98CentGas, startup costs have been anything but cheap. Help us have the ability to help you, click the button below to donate on our website via PayPal or visit our GoFundMe page for more options.


You have the ability to make 98CentGas a reality. With your help, we can change the world.

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